One Man, One Team, One Spirit


The creator of the CORS token is Georgel-Gerula Stuparu   


The Team

This page is solely made in order to comply with the conditions of certain cryptomarkets and exchanges.

The website and social media accounts and campaigns are run and paid for by myself.

I do not have a history in IT or Marketing so please be patient with me.



For all CORS related issues please refer to the official channels of the coin. My Facebook account started getting blocked from  the moment I expressed concerns about politics, governments, #plandemics and other sensible issues. ( Well it started first when SRI-CIA used  those election softwares on some vote counting tablets in Romania so that nationalist politicians can be exchanged with puppets and I called it ). Later it happened when I started talking about mitochondrial DNA….and problems with the new genetical treatments. So you see where I am getting…)


Nevertheless I felt like building a currency which I know for sure it’s not in the hands of governments, Bankers, or scammers. And most probably won’t get affected by Elon’s Tweets. Neither I plan to speedlight the graphics outside of the galaxy. Thou ….if 10% in the people not yet into cryptomarkets would pledge $10 to this token….we would move mountains.


The swaps/exchanges apeared once that the division of tasks in the tribal society apeared. Since then many wore the shape of a token. Somehow my personality doesn’t allow me to walk around with Shibas in my wallet.


Also while I do as well look at the sky I do not forget my feets are standing on this ground and just as the Bible says I am made from this ground. More modern and atheists take it as : I am what I eat. This being said I have many reasons for which I have started this project.




Your financial decisions should not be taken thinking of my private posts and opinions. Usually your banker or trader doesn’t share with you socio-political views. Your business partners might avoid those as well. 


Presentation Video 


In one of my first videos I was talking abot this :

It only took 6 months for me to be proven wright. Or A little bit wright. Read All Coments


Lets see how long untill the entire planet will recognize this :

or this