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June 2021

Building the website 

Launching the coin on PancakeSwap

Getting out there on social media

Telegram group established

know it from now we are busy coding and you will only hear from us on our NEWS page and Facebook “press” releases


01.12.2021 – Listed on a few more small start-up websites ( you can vote us at the bottom of the homepage on these )



Listed on few more websites ( full list on the bottom of the homepage )

Exchanges PancakeSwap

                     Flooz Trade



January – we missed the 2500 holders target but we have a 4700+ Telegram Group and we are live on the exchanges above


cutting down 2 zeros


25.000 holders



Buying a pair of Cane Corso to protect our office

100.000 holders

launching the second token – I promise you will love this one as well



All those who didn’t die from the experimental vaccines going on the yacht cruise with us

All those who HODLed going shopping for their own boats


Getting on more exchanges



I know. All that sounds stupid. And I was unable to properly conect to my peers. 




As of 16.02.2024, 01:46 GMT

1% going to the liquidity pool

1% going to all HOLD-ers



So let me just tell you how it works. Many tokens today offer you the prospect of rapid gains.

– the developers say they have renounced their tokens

– they tell you the liquidity pool has been locked FOREVER just to read further down that forever actually means 4 years.

– they offer you a great project , but only after they did a presale at which they took part , a presale in which they offered tokens at better prices to people ( or their own multiple wallets ) who win greatly by dumping the coin quickly making profits at the first wave of buyers.


Therefore CORS it’s not just another Shit-coin.


    We have never made a pre-sale, therefore everyone wins according to the order in which they started buying.

      We have not renounced our tokens, and we make our money by selling the tokens to you. We do not need to rug pool ( many YouTubers call it Rock Pull probably due to their lack of understanding of English).


      The liquidity pool is opened and everyone of you can become a liquidity pool provider using some or all of the tokens you buy.

      As it can be seen the liquidity pool we have provided a small allowing for people to join. As a liquidity pool provider you win a share of the 1% going to the pool plus a share of 0,17% that pancake swap is charging each transaction ( 0,25 out of which 0,17 they distribute to the liquidity providers ). At this step be very careful what you do with your Cake-LP tokens as only the wallet that deposited the liquidity can un-stake it. 



Private Sale

  In order to provide the liquidity for development of  this token we are offering the opportunity to the first investors to buy privately packages of up to 5BNB in value, in total value of 500BNB. People interested to purchase these packages in increments of 1BNB can contact us directly and the sale/exchange will be made directly and not through the liquidity pool ( pancake swap). The price of this packages will be the approximate exact price at the moment we send you the tokens. The tokens will be sent from a wallet exempt from the usual tax of the coin. 

      You will contact us first on CorsoCoin@gmail.com and announce your intention to buy in value of 1,2,3,4 or 5 BNB and the wallet number you will make payment from. This is due to the fact that we do not have a team working 24/7 for the moment and we do not want anyone to be left waiting for his tokens until we wake up. 

      There will be only one wallet used to receive payments for this packages and the number of that wallet will be provided within the emails. All buyers can track the status of the sale on BSC scan. We will not provide that number publicly as we do not want anyone sending any money there by mistake or hoping they can take part in the sale after the limit of 500BNB has been reached.

        You will make sure you cover the costs of transfer so that we receive exactly 1,2,3,4 or 5BNB. We will send the CORS for each BNB,  covering the costs of transfer. All those taking part in this Private Sale should know that those CORS that we send extra will be redistributed according to the tokenomics of the coin. Therefore the first buyers will already start earning from all the transactions after theirs.

We will accept a buyer can split the purchase in increments of 1BNB. This way the buyer can make sure is receiving the tokens he/she pays for and they did not do a mistake. Also the buyer is taking advantage of the fact that he/she will receive a part of the 4% of the subsequent transfers. Nevertheless we will not transfer more than 5BNB to a wallet/user. PLESE KEEP IN MIND TO SEND BNB SMART CHAIN. You will receive a wallet address in the form of 0x…. which dose not support regular BNB. If you make a mistake your money will be lost in the code of the blockchains.

    The buyer will send the amount of BNB first and receive the amount of tokens within a few minutes ( depending on the networks processing time, usually 30-40seconds). We ask for the letter of intent first with the buying wallet number so that our team can make sure that wallet doesn’t buy over the limit of 5BNB before accepting to go ahead with the transaction. ( We are trying to avoid big whales playing with our token ). Telegram group has been established and after emailing to us you can also contact us on the group and we will be in touch in order to decide the time of the transfers. Therefore both parties can be online at the moment of the transfer .

        You should also observe that the 7% going to the liquidity pool (and therefore liquidity pool providers) it’s more than the 4% going to the regular holders. 

  There is a plan of gradually reducing the rate of burn until it gets to 0( zero ). We know no other deflationary coin that states that, but we do not want to get to a state at which we do not have enough monetary mass moving around. Therefore in the coming years ( 20-30) as the token rises in price and decreases in quantity we will start implementing those changes. It might still be very late on as the token allows for 9 decimals after zero, where the last decimal we think can be somewhere at the value of a penny or a cent ( $ or € ). As this happens the token will include less expenses for buying and moving between wallets, making it a preferred currency for shopping, transferring money across the planet. There will always be a percentage of each transfer going to the liquidity pool and a percentage going to all holders. Therefore it will be in everyone’s interest to always hold some CORS in their wallets even if they do not need them every month.

Imagine a company knows it need to make payments to its employees at the end of the month. Therefore at the beginning of the month it buys CORS and by the end of the month the amount of CORS received in it’s wallet from other transfers covers the cost of making transfers to its workers wallets.


    ( All those tokens going to the moon they will return back to earth if they do not stop the burn . No one wants to end up as being the last token holder ?. First you have to know math and later start inventing tokens. We could say they actually look like some very long ponzi schemes…but hey…they have a project, a white paper and a lot of influencers or nice looking staff )


     Our plan is to make this profitable both for investors and for day to day trading.

      We will not provide a time scale for that as it all has to do with you all the people.

      We assure you of all our endeavor to see this done.

      There is one wallet in which no one will go for the next 10 (more like 18) years as the key for that one was shared between the members of the team. That one holds tokens as from the first day +whatever it will accumulate. That wallet belongs to the youngest member of the team. She is 4month old and hoping she will have at least one more brother or sister to split that money with.

      All the rest of the tokens will be slowly, gradually sold on the free market without doing a big dump and while allowing for a constant positive trend of the price.

      We do not intend to make anyone rich over the night , nor anyone poor. We will only sell as much as it’s necessary in order to temperate the market and to not encourage big one lump dumps from any of the holders, while targeting a positive trend every year.

This also insures that we do not hold to sell for a very late very high price. Our intention is to gradually spend everything except the wallet mentioned above.

       We do not promise to do buy backs, but to the best of our ability and finances we will try to also balance the price in case someone makes a very large dump. It is not recommended as we do not want to be seen as market dominators and as our intention is to make this token a decentralized token. Neither we want to allow for the liquidity pool and the price to suffer on the long term. We will not be the first ones to intervene as we are Sure there will always be buyers wanting to buy cheaply. We will only do that if we feel the dip has been going for too long and the entire system is suffering. Remember this is not a promise to do so, it is only a statement of intention. Our main purpose is to gradually sell the tokens in our possession.

       We do not intend to lock any pool as that has a cost and as many tokens offer such a lie, while they have many pools , only one or 2 being locked as a showoff. The liquidity pool of this token is meant to be made by the people, for the people. ( Tho’ we might do it at some point )

     Products to follow according to development stages and inspired by anything functioning in the market. Those who are first are not always those that do it best. We intend to learn and grow.