Instal Trust wallet and fallow carefully all steps
!!! IPHONE users : close all safari tabs. type : trust://browser_enable  in order to see Dapps in Trust wallet
 Buy some BNB Smart Chain or Import BNB from other wallets and exchange them to BNB Smart Chain
make shure you send BNB to BNB ( yellow logo black diamond ) link from trust wallet 
if you send BNB to BNB Smart Chain ( black logo yellow diamond ) link your money is lost 
 this color is actualy used only on the main page of the wallet, afterwards
pancake swapp , metamask  actualy use the BNB color ( yellow with black diamond )
If you send money from Binance, or another exchange or wallet to
TrustWallet, Metamask, Coin98, Walletconnect, MathWallet etc
make sure the link you are sending to starts with bnb .
Is the wrong one, Smart Chain if it starts with 0x ( zero x )
in Trust wallet app press Dapps and look for PancakeSwapp

Conect your wallet. If you get an error watch


  Authors of the videos are not related to our project, we are just using the material under youtube licence


Copy our contract code

Our contract code is : 0xde0eb749ceb5c6e3547103018f898d429a42bd73

Paste our contract code in the SEARCH field for curencies ( coins/tokens) and press Import

set slipage at 3% or higher 

Now you can buy

Metamask, Coin98 and many other walltes can hold CORS. Import CORS to any wallet that can hold BNB-BSC