If you received this card from your waiters, delivery or taxi driver it means he is part of our community.


Every time you make a transaction, buying , selling or transferring CORS 4% gets redistributed among all holders.

Therefore by tipping that person in CORS you are giving a little tip to everyone in our community.

Al you need to do is ask him for his crypto wallet QR code or you can message him to text you his Wallet Address. 



For the currency we are using and for other BEP20 type of coins the address should be in the form of 0x…..


For details on how to use crypto, install wallets and buy our coin please refer to the HOW TO page

When someone else is tipping a driver you also receive a share of the 4%. Therefore it is always good to hold CORS in your wallet. 

As you can realise it is also a good investment opportunity. The more CORS you hold the bigger will be your share from any transaction happening in our community.

If you are a driver this will also encourage you to hold as much CORS as possible. Nevertheless you can chose to sell your CORS whenever you want and you see a good trading opportunity. 




If you are a big tipper and a Crypto Fan or you just want to become a big investor please read about the PRIVATE SALE in which you can buy CORS at better prices than from Pancake Swap. Details on the Home page of the website.


IF you have actually met the developer of this coin you can tip me just by tipping others. Get into my project and that is good enough for me.

     If you are out of cards ask for more on Telegram.


Vote CORS on Freshcoins

Other places where we are listed ( tho we recommend buying from pancake swap ) :

CORS on Coinmooner

CORS on Coindiscovery

CORS on Coinscope